The Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana issue

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Guru Piare jio,

Inspired by the global movement, raised by one chardikala Singh in a jail cell in Patiala, this post seeks to add our 2 cents.

Firstly, Why is this issue about in the first place?  2 perspectives

(1) If I was the Indian government, this is a perfect issue to get those gupt Singhs and Kaurs who are still awake to come out into the open and so finish off the job. The Indian govt knows some Sikhs still carry the torch of freedom, they’ve done their best to rip Punjab apart, destroy the youth and ruin the Sikh religious institutions, but still there are more young Sikhs reading paat and doing global sangat.  So whilst these Guru de Sikh are still recovering strength, they would bring such an issue up, probably get people to promote it just to see who is alive. Dont forget, Congress was the instigators of 1984, now they are also getting hammered in national politics, so why not create an issue about ‘those militant Khalistanis’ defending a ‘suicide bomber’.

(2) If I could be bold enough to step into Bhai Balwant Singh’s shoes, and I was doing 17 years of bhagti in a cell, everyday doing ardaas for the chardikala of the Khalsa Panth, I’d like to think Guru sahib would bless me with the chance to do something for the panth too. Look at what thing one Singh has created! Unity of the PANTH. The one thing we’ve all unanimously agreed upon in the last 20 years or so, is that we cannot unite! So Bhai Balwant Singh is the one to unite us. What mahan Kirpa Guruji is doing upon him. And what a great idea, Kesri nishan sahib..dhan dhan Guru! All you see is orange. The photos of a sea of orange, in NY, to Canada, to UK, to India, to Australia..makes tears come to the eyes, the heart tightens, and after all these years, the life giving water of hope pours like Amrit on the seed that is our Sikh Panth.

So what now? 2 perspectives

(1) As the Indian government, I’d say that the plan has gone awry! This was not supposed to unite the Sikhs globally, thats the last thing they want. They’ve been working for over 40 years to destroy Sikh unity. Either by creating divisive issues or promoting those with own agendas to keep the panth split. They’ve also got effective control of all of our Gurudwaras both in India and abroad. A vast army of informers keeps an eye on every committee member and does background analysis on each weakness they may have. With money, prestige, false boosting and ‘other incentives’ they’ve managed to keep Sikhs fully divided.  They’ve got a massive problem on their hand! Not only do they have to manage the Sikhs in Punjab but also their agents abroad are on overtime trying to control things. They have chosen to:

(a) diffuse the situation by prolonging the hanging or at least confuse people into thinking they have. This gets rid of the Sikh hangers on, who only came along for the ride. It also allows for lots of press about CM Badal to pretend he gives two >£$% and thereby convince the rest of Indians that Badal is in theory ‘Sikh’ and that ‘democracy’ still works in India.

(b) They killed two Sikhs yesterday and came down hard on the people at a few strategic places, where funnily enough lots of camera men were available to film it. This gets the passionate Sikhs more inflamed and therefore they may still reveal who they are to the intelligence agencies. This fits with the original plan. Also it deters the hangers on, as this time they may get shot.  These are all on youtube for everyone to see.

(c) try to make this into a communal issue and detract attention away from the illegal detention of SIkh prisoners and the injustices of 1984. Get some Shiv Seva brainwashed idiots to burn an orange dastaar and then hopefully some Sikhs will react and they can once again claim that Sikhs are against Hindus.

(d) Abroad, they are just gathering info at every protest and ensuring their men are in control of the Gurudwaras. They will be preparing their agents for disruption, mis-information and division, we know that much for sure.


(2) Another perspective on what now is from Bhai Balwant Singh’s eyes. What now is the global revolution that he has been praying and dreaming of for 17 years. When the Sikhs unite and show the world what Sikhi is. He doesn’t want the Sikhs to focus on him, or to beg for his life. Time and time again, he’s saying, be independent, stop being slaves in the head, dont ask anyone for help or clemency. The entire answer is within your hands, just do what a Sikh was meant to do, be the revolutionary!! As the Sikhs globally unite as Sangat, the what now is very crucial. How to keep up momentum, how to stay united, how to gain Guru’s blessings as we step forwards, these are all the questions we should be thinking about. If we look at Bhai Sahibs example, we see two clear messages, one being about Sikhi, ie unite and educate. Unite under the kesri nishaan as Sikhs and then educate the youth and be chardikala. The second message he gives us is about Khalsa, ie how to be fearless. He’s got faith and he’s a not bowing to anyone but Guruji and the Akaal Takht. What we take away from this is the following:

(a) Parchar of Sikhi needs to really step up. Our Gurudwaras are no longer doors to enlightenment and both reform and new institutions are required. This needs to start abroad, where the Khalsa is far freer than anywhere else. If we believe in Khalsa Raaj, it will not come about with just Punjabis, we need to think outside that box, spreading this message to both those born to Sikh families and to those who thirst for it but know not it exists. We need full time parchariks, native British, where they can actually have the respect of their families for doing parchar rather than feeling they are letting them down by doing Seva. Its not enough to do sporadic talks on evening and weekends, we need systematic courses, syllabuses and learning objectives. The skills sets of our sacred music, pronounciation of Gurbani, understanding Gurbani, our history, our martial tradition, all these need proper revival.

(b) Building our backbone, our independent thinking and fearless minds. This culture which Sikhs were renowned for and which now only exists in their business acumen. We need to rid ourselves of the slave mentality, the appeal mentality, the protest mentality, the bury your head in the sand mentality, the leave politics out of it mentality. We need to think, think and think, be sharp and really get to grips with the fundamental nature of Guru’s message. How to be Nir Bhau and Nir Vair and achieve Gur Prasaad.

We’ll have to learn to take care of our own for a start. The Singhs in jail, the widows, the orphans, the shaheed families, the drugged out youth, the farmers committing suicides, these are our own problems and we need to think long term about solving them.

We also need to come up with own action plans. See how the British born Sikhs got together recently to decide Khalsa Mattas, decision by group consensus, people talking respectfully, this is the hope of the future. We need to pick achievable and definable targets, at national, community and personal level and execute them and learn that we can do this, we can be the future we’ve all been waiting for…Vaheguru


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