Why do Sikhs get persecuted in India?

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Guru Piare jio,

If we understand the answer to the above question, we will clearly grasp why Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana is on death row and probably about to become a shaheed.

Do not demand justice from the Indian Government!

Sounds strange, but here’s why this statement is likely to save us a lot of time and effort.  In essence, there are three main types of powerful (1%) people who do not and will never allow Sikhs to become strong in India. These are:

(1) Corrupt politicians

(2) Corrupt hereditary landlords and industrialists

(3) Brahmins and Pundits

Why, I hear you ask? They know that Sikhi was designed to wipe them out. They live by exploiting others and maintaining the status quo. Sikhi seeks to challenge the status quo and give power to the poor and downtrodden masses.Its simple logic. They know it before we do.

Ever since Sikhi was created by Guru Nanak sahib, these three types of ‘Indians’ have tried to wipe out Sikhi. We know the Guru’s fought against type (1) who were supported by type (2) and that Guruji soundly criticised type (3). We know Sikhi rejects all these three and promotes the following:

No priests, scripture read by people themselves, one simple gurmantar, and spiritual salvation open to all, a political philosophy immersed with values of justice, freedom and benevolence, equal rights for men and women, no racism, all castes seen as one, and finally and most importantly, it preaches the Khalsa Raj! The Khalsa philosophy is anathema to all three of the above as it arms each person and then tells them to seize political power over the world to bring about the above!  We truly are working for the 99%. Akaal!

However, although repeated faithfully by millions of Sikhs worldwide, the implications of Raj Karega Khalsa are not fully appreciated by most Sikhs. This is because the above three types of enemies of the Panth have conspired to make us forget what this means.

The basic point is that the above three types of people control India and its so called ‘democracy’. They have always known that if the Sikhs get their act together, they would take over India and they would be waving goodbye to their cushy lives forever. These three types are not religious, they worship their own ego.

However, these three (1% ers) do need faithful soldiers.  Lo and behold, the Indian Desh Bhagat ideal. A patriot who lives and dies for mother India without questioning if Mother India brainwashed him and is actually Evil Father India who is raping him and all his siblings. This is such an evil genius idea, we wished we’d had it ourselves until we realised it was wrong and Guru would not be best pleased. They are killing two birds with one stone.

Firstly, they create a general patriotic feeling in a country that is vast and disparate, one that was created by the British and had never existed as India before. They also get a small percentage of the population to form legions of Shiv Shena and RSS misguided youth who think they are preserving the honour of Hindu India. These are the guys now burning turbans and tying to make this into a communal issue so that Sikhs can once again be labelled separatists and fanatics. Once the separatist issue comes into play, all the patriots in the rest of the country are then prepared to give free licence to the govt to suppress said movement, using illegal methods.

Secondly, they actually can start the slow but sure process of slavery over the Sikh psyche. By praising Sikhs for their bravery on the one hand, they also make fun of them. Convinced by genuine sounding praise, the Sikhs joined the Indian country without negotiating for the return of the Sikh Kingdom of Ranjit Sing. Now part of India, the Sikhs are made to feel proud to be Indian, not Punjabi or Sikhs, but Indians. Ergo they too are susceptible to the very same patriotic myth.

The war on the Sikh psyche was supposed to culminate in our surrender in 1984 but things didn’t go that way. The Sikhs fought back hard, but ultimately lost the battle. Now the Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana issue is here to see who is still around preparing for the next battle. They know some Sikhs haven’t given up the war.  However, they have convinced a massive number of Sikhs that India is incredible, that its good to be Indian and that it’s an act of great honour to die for India.  Believe you me, this mental slavery is exactly what all slave masters want. A compliant slave willing to die for you. Do we need much proof of this?

How many Sikhs in India today seek to spread the Guru’s revolution to the rest of India.  Our two Takhts, of Hazoor Sahib and Patna Sahib form a lovely triangle with Punjab, giving indications as to where our kingdom should spread. However do Sikhs in India see it that way? No, they have forgotten Raaj Karega Khalsa! They want a peaceful life, creature comforts and to bury their head about the mission entrusted to the Guru Khalsa Panth. You don’t hear about Sikh missionaries bringing whole villages of low caste Hindus or outcastes into the Khalsa fold (you can read about the Guru’s doing this, see the Sikhs of Assam, made by the 9th Guru). You dont hear about Sikhs fighting the injustices meted out on Indian low-caste and outcaste women every day. (you can read about Sikhs freeing Hindu slave women from Mughal invaders). Nope, what you see is a opiated mass of Sikhs, happy to talk about the greatness of Sikhi, without actually considering that they may wall have to spread it outside Punjabis if they ever want to have a Khalsa Raaj. This is the slave mentality, precisely because it is not the master mentality. If Sikhs saw themselves as the rightful rulers of India, they would start to take charge of the way the Indian Government runs things and say nope, thats not in concurrence with Sikh principles and therefore, we’re not going to allow it.

Either you’re empowered and in power or you’re not!

So in summary, as long as Sikhs remain Sikhs and stick to Guru’s message, they will always get persecuted in India for as long as India is run by the three types of enemies of the Panth. I don’t include the hardcore RSS people here because actually in our opinion, they are simply run by politicians who want to brain-wash Indians into compliance).

We better be prepared for the blood of Sikhs to be spilled, as it will be indeed. The price of freedom has always been pain in blood. In the long term, either we re-form India and take power away from these three natural enemies or else we remain at (civil) war. The three types above have worked hard to make us forget this natural truth about our existence, ie we’re created to carry out Vaheguru’s fateh over the world.  The saying “Know Thyself” is relevant here. Once we know ourselves and our mission, then surely we can also know whom will be our enemy.

Knowing that, puts us one step closer to understand how we ended up where we are today and also how we’re going to get out of this chakravyuh (strategic trap). Then the Khalsa will Raaj and the whole world will sing its praises for having delivered justice and freedom to all downtrodden people everywhere. And the Khalsa will sing the praises of Vaheguru.



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