Rhyme on Cause n Vision

April 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Guru Pirarey Jio,

We enjoy poetry, so Guru gifted us with this taster on the work to come…entitled Cause n Vision. For those who read this for the first time, please do read the previous posts on our blog to get our perspective.


Blinded by a blurring of Vision,

the Panth stumbled and created divisions.


Rebellious lions roaring without a cause,

Ready to strike brothers with sharp claws,

We never stopped to pause,

Check if this deal was raw.


Is this the Real Sikhi Vision?

For which shaheeds died and others are in prison,

When we do ardaas, do we stop to listen?

Or do the words robotically flow like television,

Raj Karega Khalsa, isn’t that our mission?

Propelled by Vaheguru Fission,

Heavenly Bani that we listen,

Defeating tyrants with precision.


Bringing Heaven to earth, our Cause,

Singhs and Kaurs,

We’ll change gravity’s laws,

The lowly will stand tall,

“Great’ empires will fall,

Khalsa will rule all,

The world will applaud,

Freedom, Justice, Equality, and  Peace Y’all

What we waiting for?




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