The movement is recruiting…

April 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Guru Piarey Jio,

We are on Facebook and twitter.

We’re looking to build a global movement. This movement needs early adopters to spread it to the masses. We kiss your feet and ask that you join us on this mission.

We’re recruiting for partners. We are You, we are your frustration of inaction, your compassion and inner dreams and ultimately we are your brothers and your sisters. We are You and You are Us.

– We pay nothing but the joy of Guru’s seva and to be a part of History being made.

– We promise only Sevadari and not Sardari. This movement is Yours not ours.

– We promise that if you’ve liked our posts so far, then you’ll love whats coming next.

Action plan:

Step 1 – Like our facebook page and encourage as many of your friends to do so too.

Step 2 – Share our posts on facebook and twitter. Copy your favourite quote from any post and link to the blog.

Step 3 – Find other Sikhs in your local area who like the posts and start meeting up. Build small pockets of consensus. Use Chatham House Rules.

Step 4 – Be prepared for Spring Cleaning 2 and 3.

Step 5 – Say and dream Vaheguru



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