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May 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

Ask yourself why the Gurudwaras keeping making buildings and getting us in debt…

And now assume its not because they are stupid. So there must be a reason.

Here’s an idea…

If you are in debt, then all your money goes to pay off interest. Now, if you’re not in debt then by default, you are likely to be in surplus and have money to spend.  After some time, this will show up to a very big surplus. Why is this a problem.  Why do the committee not want to have money to spend? Because if you’re not making buildings, then you’re going to have to spend it somewhere.  It likely that people (sangat) just might start asking you to spend it on promoting Sikhi.

Why do the Gurudwaras not want to spend money on promoting Sikhi?

(1)    Why create a rod for your own back? If you educate the people about what Sikhi is, then they will soon be applying those Sikhi principles to the Gurudwara and to the committee and will realise that they are being hoodwinked. The committee just want an easy life with a grand title by their name. Doing Sikhi properly would be hard work, working to uplift society, become a centre for service, thats not what they want. So why create that situation?

(2)    Why create your own nemesis? Think about it, if you decide to spend money on teaching Sikhi, what will you need to do? You’ll have to find someone to teach a course. Now if the Gurudwara committee members are unable or unwilling to teach it themselves, which is very likely (you may as well ask why they haven’t done it already then), the next option is to get someone else to teach it. This person will either already have the knowledge or will have to go get educated and then teach. This person is either going to be teaching in a classroom (probably doesn’t exist) or more likely in the main divan hall. The problem is that this person is likely to become popular and then the committee have a double problem on their hand. An educated sangat and a popular potential “leader”.

So it all becomes a little clearer. This whole analysis took about five minutes and the crucial question to discover this was, “What are the intentions and incentives of the Gurudwara committee?”. These are to stay in power and therefore to keep the masses (aka the sangat) in the dark about true Sikhi and about what a poor job they are doing.

The sad part of this is that actually, a leader is not necessarily the one to do the teaching. If the Gurudwara committee were true Sikh leaders, they would actually welcome someone to come and do Sikhi Parchar. It is not necessary that this competition mentality needs to be there, an abundance mentality could also exist. Instead of the committee wallah spending their time trying to discredit, dishearten and dismiss any Sevadaar because of viewing that person as a potential thread to their kursi, ie position, the opposite could also work. The Sangat could be thanking and praising a committee that provided the kind of 21st century education and inspiration that is required.  For that to exist and actually be realised, we’re going to need a complete overhaul and re-think of what kind of incentives do we put into place in the Gurudwara.

Are we encouraging the right kind of people and discouraging the wrong kind or are we actually discouraging the right type and encouraging the wrong. We’d argue the current system rewards people who think as politicians, from a place of ego and in terms of competing for finite resources and influence. Gursikhs tend to avoid that arena as the system will bring you down before you bring the system down. So the good guys watch the bad guys prosper. Even our young kids can understand that scenario. And as our kids would say, “Lets get those bad guys!”

So lets unite, as the sangat to free ourselves from the shackles we have placed around our Sikhi. First, let’s imagine the way things should be, then lets brainstorm what checks and balances we need to ensure this vision comes to fruition. Then lets do ardaas and lets kick some badguy @$$! Akaal!
Part 3 of Spring Cleaning coming up soon.



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  • satbachan dhanjal commander of daughters of guru gobind singh ji says:


  • satbachan dhanjal commander of daughters of guru gobind singh ji says:

    khalsa was fallen 400 years ago when the box in front of the granth was introdused by crook siks to make mone pay to pray 2p

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