The Revolution will not be televised..

March 23, 2013 § 1 Comment

The Revolution will not be televised,

Not for armchair warriors, on the streets, LIVE,

Enuff of the censors and the prying eyes,

We here to talk some Real Shit, stuff we realized…


Culture of Hypocrisy has crept into the Pure,

Its institutional yo and we forgot the Cure,

Guru is Crystal clear, but we clouded like vapour,


On white paper with Black Ink,

Guruji gave us everthing!


He said, “I’ve come here to destroy the tyrants”

We chill in arm chairs, setting no precedents!

He said, Be a rebel, I’ll give you my cause,

Sacrifice my family for my Singhs and Kaurs”


Now we looking slick, Bana and Shashter,

Gurdwara run like a business, strength we cannot muster,

“Revolution is too big a word bros, maybe join a committee?”

“They made this Fucking system”…”it will break your Sikhi”


Maybe Sikhi is broken when Sikhs forget to read..

The words of our masters, chasing lust and greed,

“Don’t be so Harsh yo, these are the Good Guys.”

Aren’t we totally fucked then? Do we speak a Lie?


Old Greedy Pendu Bijnizzmen  run the Guru’s house…

They succeeded in their mission, we squeak like a Little Mouse,

Khalsa in Name, Sheep with a Lions Mane,

We just love protesting, IT DON’T WORK, lets do it again and again

That my friend, is the dictionary definition of the INSANE.


Sikh Anonymous is opening up now, the grenades start to fly,

No one’s getting spared, though we on the same side,

This is Peace Time, so here is where we train HARD,

The war…they will bring to us…we’ll see who’s a coward,

Like we said, It will not be televised,

You want some..? Gurprasaad is the Prize,

Be warned though, it comes at a price.

 Its not for you I think, take our advice,

Stick to your marches and petitions online,

Be Wise…you only got one Life…


Guruji watches you, shaheeds by his side,

Maybe you’ll die old, loved by kids and wife,

Guru ki Fauj’s heading out, lucky to get Five,

So few the Khalsa, Numbers are just lies..


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